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Subscribe to Osirion to upgrade your AI coach and match reports. You can get full access to tournament data and other features to help you rank up faster than ever.

Four plans - Free, Pro, Premium, and Lifetime.

Get Lifetime Access Now

A one-time payment for lifetime access to all premium features. It's time to level up your play.

€200 once

Get access to every single feature in the app.

Get access to all future features and updates.

Get a special VIP role in our Discord Server.

No recurring payments, just the one-time fee.

Start With The Free Plan

New to Osirion, and unsure of what to expect? Try out our free plan to get a taste of what we have to offer.

Track an unlimited number of Fortnite matches.

Get AI feedback on your play 2x per day.

Tournament overview and leaderboards.

Upgrade To The Pro Plan

For the enthusiast and the aspiring pro, here are the tools you need to win tournaments and earn prize pools.

€8 /month

Includes everything in the Free Plan and more.

Get unlimited AI feedback on your play.

Get access to real-time tournament standings.

Get access to global statistics and heatmaps.

Get access to basic loot pools / spawn rates.

Become The Best With The Premium Plan

The best option for pros, coaches, and content creators. Get access to all our features, tools, data, and more.

€18 /month

Includes everything in the Pro Plan and more.

Full access to tournaments and leaderboards.

Get €20 worth of API credits each month.

Get list of potential Stream Snipers.

Get access to AI-generated dropmaps.

Get access to AI-generated loot paths.

Get full access to loot pools / spawn rates.

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