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The Osirion App instantly gathers insights on your matches, to give you the feedback you need for Fortnite and CS:GO. Be among the first to try our app!

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Match Reports

Our Match Report allows you to explore all main events and rounds in a game, which you can use to become better.

AI Feedback

Osirion will give you actionable feedback on your performance, using AI and machine learning, of you or your team.

Gaming History

Store all your game data in one place, and understand how your performance changes over time.

Currently available for CSGO and Fortnite

Here are two examples of our AI match feedback!


Download the App
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Play a Match with
the App running


Check Match Report
and Get AI Feedback

Play better. Understand your game faster.

Are you tired of spending hours reviewing your games manually and still struggling to identify areas for improvement?

Save loads of time βŒ›

We break down long matches into key events, making it much easier and quicker to get to the point.

Understand areas of improvement 🎯

Are you missing som important aspects of your game? The AI Coach will make you understand what you should focus on.

Explore patterns and strategies 🚩

Our software can see everything that happens in a game, and identify events and patterns that are impossible for humans to grasp.

Save Time reviewing esports matches

Be more confident.

You know how important it is to have confidence in your abilities. That's why our desktop app is a game-changer.

Chat with the AI Coach πŸ’­

Soon you will be able to discuss strategies, features and other details about your game with the AI Coach.

Get confidence boosts πŸ‘

Osirion is your biggest supporter, and will compliment your skills and results.

Observe your progress 😎

We will join you on your gaming journey, and give you feedback on your progression.

Be more confident

Osirion is the only performance tool with Eye Tracking


Cognitive Load

Reaction Time

Eye Tracking is the future of gaming. Let’s open up an entirely new dimension of insights, using the great Tobii Eye Tracker 5.

Buy your Eye Tracker today by going to the Tobii website using the following link. Use promo code β€œosirion” for 5% off.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will Osirion improve your performance in Fortnite and CS:GO?
How does Osirion collect game data?
Is Osirion going to affect my game in any way
Is it necessary to buy an Eye Tracker?
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